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Our company

Planesticker.com has been created by real airline pilots.

It all started in 2020 on a flight when some children asked to visit the flight deck, but due to covid restrictions entrance to the flight deck after landing was not allowed, however the pilots wanted to share the experience and create a memory for the children. So they found some generic aircraft stickers in their Nav bag and wrote a personal message on the back and gave the stickers to the children, their faces lit up and were so excited to be taking home a personal gift to remember their flight. The pilots thought it would be more appropriate if they could offer a token that reflected the airline and so planesticker was created. We now provide aviaition merchandise for the enthusiast or for fellow crew to share and enjoy. Most pilots and crew will be able to tell you in detail the first airplane flight or flight deck visit they had, in some cases it created the passion to become a pilot or pursue a career in aviaition. Our products are iconic and collectable. They are made from the finest sourced material to ensure they have a long life and where possible are sorced from local manufacturers. We ship world wide so no airline enthusiast, traveller or crew member is out of reach.

If you have any questions please send us a message. If you dont see an airline that you would like added please contact us. We provide bulk discounts and we always look after our crew with a nice discount. To be added to a crew account please contact us. sales@planesticker.com

Our Promise

  • Premium top quality products
  • Best customer service and amazing support
  • 30-days money back guarantee and top security


“Received today mate. Awesome job!

Slav. 737 Pilot

“This merch is great, Im already in trouble from my wife for putting stickers everywhere.

D.J. 737 Pilot

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